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5 Reasons To Swap To Battery Electric Forklifts

11 June 2021

1. Reduces emissions and lowers carbon footprint.

Experts suggest Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions in terms of climate change impacts due to the continent being one of the major contributors to global warming emissions. A great way to start lowering these emissions is via machinery. Battery electric forklifts produce zero emissions compared to diesel or LPG forklifts. As a result, a company's carbon footprint can be reduced with battery electric forklifts while still maintaining functionality and practicality.

2. Lower maintenance and running costs.

Internal combustion forklifts tend to have a lower initial purchase price than a battery electric forklift, but it won’t provide you with value in the long run like a battery electric forklift will. A battery electric forklift will provide businesses with a lower cost of ownership through the savings in fuel and maintenance as battery electric are the easiest in terms of forklift maintenance.

3. Warehouse & employee safety.

Battery electric forklifts don’t emit any emissions which means no harmful gases and fumes, leaving operators and workers a safer, non-polluted environment to work in. Employee and warehouse safety also is also improved with battery electric forklifts as they don’t have propane tanks which is a potential fire hazard.

4. Efficiency.

A major reason for swapping to battery electric is due to its efficiency. This means no time wasted regularly changing fuel tanks or filling tanks that an internal combustion forklift requires. A battery electric forklift can provide the operator with about 8 hours of power but can be plugged in and charged when not in use within that time, whether it be on lunch breaks or production breaks which will extend operating time and contribute to the overall efficiency of the forklift.

5. Improved manoeuvrability.

Electric forklifts tend to be smaller and more compact compared to internal combustion which significantly increases manoeuvrability making those smaller spaces and tighter environments a lot easier.

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