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How Rental Forklifts Can Benefit Your Business

27 July 2021

Rental Forklifts And Their Benefits

Clark has over 350,000 forklifts operating worldwide today. With such a large field population, Clark has the expertise required to offer the best rental packages, with the best parts and service support to ensure it's forklifts keep operating at peak efficiency. Clark Forklifts boast a heavy-duty and robust design, leading components, and are "Built to Last".

Whether you operate a single forklift truck for a small number of hours per week, or you have a fleet of forklifts operating a warehouse, renting a forklift can provide significant benefits. These benefits are;

Cost-effectiveness: A major bonus of renting a forklift over purchasing is that it is cost effective If your business isn’t in the position to purchase a brand new forklift or forklifts, then renting is the perfect alternative. This also will free up your businesses working capital for inventory and other business assets. Depending on your rental agreement, a weekly or monthly payment is a lot easier to scale into the budget compared the upfront cost of purchasing.

Planning for productive peak times: If you’re a business that doesn’t frequently use a forklift all year round, then rental is perfect. As a business you will be able to get an understanding of seasonal peak times when a forklift is needed for daily operations to greatly improvement efficiency. Seasonal peak times can include anything from peak retail seasons around Christmas to fruit picking seasons in agriculture.

Scalability: The other side of seasonal business is quiet periods. The number of operating forklifts can be contracted to decrease if known slower periods exist. Renting is beneficial as it provides the opportunity to scale equipment to your operational demands.

No repair and maintenance costs: Regular maintenance and repairs can be costly. Most forklift rentals provide regular maintenance in its pricing. If the forklift breaks down, it can be replaced or repaired for no extra charge, saving your business potential downtime or unforeseen costs.

Try before you buy: If you’re looking at purchasing a forklift, you can rent it first. If you are unsure on which forklift will be most beneficial for your business, then renting before purchasing might be for you, it is a great way to really ensure a certain forklift is up to the capabilities that’s needed for your business operations. This can be a great way to decrease the potential of needing to upgrade in the future if the forklift will no longer be suitable.

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